Sunday, 11 August 2013

Goldeneye Limpet Mine

Making a Goldeneye limpet mine, the ones Bond uses to trash Alec Trevellian's lair at the end of the film*.

This was a nice easy build.
When I found out that the Limpet mines  in Goldeneye are just repainted joystick bases I quickly set about tracking down the correct one.

Thank You eBay

Then it was just a case of repainting and mounting the button and LEDs.

Nice and simple, but it's still one of my favourite pieces. It brings back fond memories of hours wasted on the N64, seeing how many mines we could stick to a friend.

* I seem to remember that Alec actually disables the mines and Bond instead uses the grenade pen to blow up the petrol tanks, but it's that whole scene.

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