Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Red Dwarf Space Phone

I've long been a fan of Red Dwarf, so I was really excited for Dave's reboot.
This 'Space Phone' features heavily in the season premiere 'Trojan' as Lister spends the majority of the episode on hold with customer services.

This is really just another repaint job, it's nice to add to my prop collection without loosing months of my life.
The good folks over at the RPF identified both the phone model and the 'magnetic pickup tool' that the original prop was made from, all that remained was to glue the two together and give the whole thing a coat of the iconic hull colour of the Red Dwarf.

Stripped off the original colour and machined a hole in the top

I secured the 'aerial' with a lump of epoxy putty

To match the screen prop several of the mic/speaker holes are filled

A coat of 'Hull Red' and a JMC logo to finish

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