Monday, 10 December 2012

Hellboy Corpse Locator - Lid Detailing

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Originally Posted 15-Feb-2012

This detailing was done using epoxy putty. I rolled it out into thin strands then proceeded to weave with it.  :D

I don't know if anyone has ever weaved with epoxy putty before but it's not the easiest thing in the world.
It  took so long that I came very close to the workable limit (3-4hours) before it cures too hard.

I documented the vines on the underside much better so you can see those later.

I needed to blend the two elements together, as well as fill in any undercuts so that I could mould it without it getting stuck.

I used polyfilla (plaster based, used for filling cracks in walls, like spackle?)

Generally not good for props but I liked the grainy texture it gives you.

I was fairly free in the way I applied the filler, trying to re-create hundreds of years of dirt that may have lodged themselves in the crevices.

But to keep the smooth top surface I kept wiping the top of the vines with a damp cloth.

Don't think I've got a picture of the underside, but on that last picture you can just make out the beading on the edge, more epoxy putty.

Next to tackle is the centre dial.

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