Saturday, 29 December 2012

Hellboy Corpse Locator - Dome

This post details the creation of the amber dome that will sit in the middle of the dial I created last time.

Originally Posted 17-Feb-2012

Bit of an abstract image , but all these paper circles were laminated together to create the dome shape for the centre of the compass.

The whole thing was then spot filled and wet sanded on a lathe to give this.

I then made a 1 part silicone mould.

And began castings, anyone who has ever tried to cast with clear resin knows how tricky it can be.

First cast, the surface didn't cure and was sticky, I polished it up just to see if it was useable, but all the gunk I cleaned off meant it was about 2mm too small and didn't fit.

Second cast, I pre-heated the mould, the surface did cure, but too fast which meant it pulled away from the surface leaving an odd, crinkly texture.

When I cast another I think it will help to reduce the amount of catalyst used, but for this one I just wet sanded the dome down to 3000 and then hand polished it and it looked really good.

Don't have the dome on it's own but you will see it in the final picture.

All that's left is the main body, where I show more details of how the vines were created and then lots of moulding / casting.

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