Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Hellboy Corpse Locator - Centre Dial

Last time I was detailing the lid, now I'm working on the centre dial.

Originally Posted 16-Feb-2012
My original plan was to roughly mock up the centre dial, and then cast it in carving wax so it would be nice and easy to etch out details.

This was my first attempt, layers of card built up with an acrylic top piece to make it smooth.

I moulded it but I couldn't get a usable cast with the carving wax, it's too thick and grainy.

So I scraped that and started again.

This is layers of card with the centre pre cut (left in for now).

I then put an acrylic strip round the edge and filled it with bondo.

I left the plastic strip on till I had sanded the top completely smooth.

I then cut out the centre and started carving in the symbols using a fine Dremel bit.

I used a knife and various needle files to add the edge damage (following reference pics as closely as possible)

The centre wall was then added, just a thin strip of card, it is at a slight angle, so I cut notches & curved the wall inward and smoothed it over with spot filler.

I used the same thin card to add formers for the raised details and triangles that come off of the centre.

I then melted lumps of carving wax up over the little formers and carved them to the proper shape, using a tooth pick.

Final touch was to add in these tiny scratches, again sticking as close as possible to my reference.

gtg now, tomorrow I'll post the creation of the amber dome.

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