Monday, 7 January 2013

Hellboy Corpse Locator - Weaving with Epoxy Putty

Previously I created the dome, this post shows the creation of the main body, focussing on how the vine details were sculpted.

Originally Posted 18-Feb-2012

The main body was constructed out of layers of grey cardboard, just like before, nothing too complicated.

I tried to add a 1mm step to help me place the detailing later. But it was a bit uneven, that's what comes from designing in a computer. It's only worth designing to a tolerance you can achieve with the tools at hand.

Here you can see the beading added to the underside.

And a close up of the inside detailing, I tried really hard to copy reference for these bits and I'm pretty happy with the way it came out.

This is definitely one of the odder ideas I've ever had. 
Epoxy putty has a 3-4 hour working time so I had to work fast, most of the time was spent trying to roll long, consistent 'sausages', which I did using a sheet of perspex.

I then put all the strands in their starting positions and began to weave, because the rolling had taken a good 90 minutes I actually didn't have too much trouble with the putty trying to stick to itself.

I didn't do stage by stage on the side detailing, but it was a similar process. I sculpted the eyes first then did the vines around those. 
This picture shows it after filling and a quick prime, I quite like the odd ivory/porcelain look of it : )

Long post today, almost done.

In the next post you can see the first finished piece.

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