Monday, 7 January 2013

Cardboard Boba Bucket - Intro

So far this has just been repostings of my Hellboy Corpse Locator project.
What follows is still old work, it's a project that I started over 4 years ago, a Boba Fett helmet built entirely out of cardboard.  I've been stuck on the painting stage for the past few years, but hopefully posting all the old photos will give me the motivation to finally finish it.

Boba Bucket

Originally posted: 18-08-2008

Sady this is before I started taking loads of pictures. 

For making my helmet I'm using 2mm fibreboard type stuff, which is actually the stuff on the back of sketch books. So for these first pieces I just printed out the templates and began cutting out the pieces.

The primer was a solvent based primer I found in my shed claiming ' good for wood and metal'
Unless you're picky I reckon almost any primer will work on cardboard with fairly good results, and definitely anything made for mdf will work.

As you can see the edges aren't quite as sharp as they could have been. In my constant refusal to buy any proper stuff I was sanding these using a fairly rough file, and some old sanding blocks I found.

The biggest problem I had was when I was clamping layers together. It was hard to find a flat surface in my room, and they often skewed during drying. (I have a workbench in my shed, but this is England I'm not freezing my arse off out there all day)

My favourite thing about this method is that, however bad it initially looks, you just cover it in polyfiller and get a nice smooth finish.
Again whilst rooting around the shed I found some old polyfiller, from the 80's, it was grainy, had lumps and came in a tub not a tube. But it seemed alright and has served me well so far. 

Next I went and got some proper materials so I could actually start making the bucket.

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