Wednesday, 30 January 2013

CNC Mill Build - Zzzzz

I am slightly regretting this procedural format I've locked myself into now, but I'd better finish it . 
In the previous post I bolted together the X and Y carriages to form the main framework of the machine. Now I'm tackling the Z axis.

The Z axis is different in that it is screw, rather than belt, driven.

The flexible coupler and flanged bearing are attached to a length of M8 threaded rod. The aluminium tape is wrapped round the rod to ensure a tight fit.

The threaded rod is coupled to the final motor and the bearing is sandwiched between the two Z plates.

The black brick is a delrin nut, it is threaded onto the screw and the final length of Makerslide is bolted on.

These are the spindle mounts, once the machine is finished they will hold the Dremel.

That finishes up the Z axis. Now all I have to do is mount it to the machine, 
and add the belts,
and sort the electronics...

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