Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Cardboard Boba Bucket - Doesn't Hold Water

Forming the Bucket

In the last post I just had a few pictures of my first attempts at making the ear pieces.
This time I begin actually making the bucket.

Unfortunatley the largest helmet pieces won't fit onto the A3 bits of card I salvaged from sketch books, so I went to an art shop and bought a large A1 piece ( 4x size of A3 ) of cardboard (£2) and some more, stronger PVA (£3).

Which meant I could make the main helmet piece.

I don't really have a decent set of clamps so to hold this together while drying I used a combination of Quick Grips (yellow things), G - clamps, rubber bands, and for the hard to reach spot at the bottom I clamped it with a pair of rare earth magnets. :D

Basically whatever you can find.

PVA is definatly the best glue for this, easy to use, strong and inexpensive.
As long as you don't get the watered down stuff, meant only for paper.

The next part is poorley documented (starting to see a pattern here :s ) because I was frantically trying to get the mask to stick.

This shows the mask attached to the helmet and the wooden blocks clamped to flatten out the ear areas.

As I've said the hardest part was getting the mask to stick on evenly. The clamps I have only allow you to reach about 10cm from each edge, I needed more magnets really, but I had to make do.

That's all for now, next time I'm working on the cheek sections.

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