Wednesday, 30 January 2013

CNC Mill Build - X Carriage

This is continuing fromt he last post where I was assembling one of the Y plates.
This time I'm going to put together the X carriage.

X Plate (all plates are identical)
Motor, smooth idlers and fixings.

This starts off similarly to the Y plates, except that here the motor is mounted flush against the plate.

The two X plates get bolted together to create a nice solid box, here you can see what's going on inside (that shot was a lot harder to take than it looks, because nothing is fixed)

The last X plate finishes off the carriage, but in this step the V wheels for the Z axis are also added.

Next I'm going to bolt the motor carriages together to form the basis of the machine. : )

Once it's all squared up you get a much better idea of how the machine is going to work.

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